Winter Is Coming

The phrase “Winter Is Coming” signifies terrifying times ahead for the characters in the TV Show Game Of Thrones. However, for the owners of Whiskey Chaser (Frodo) it signals the start of the ‘real’ National Hunt racing season, and by that I mean watching our horse run in driving rain, gales and even snow.

The summer is well and truly over and Frodo is back training with Donald McCain at Bankhouse. I made my first visit to see our horse after his summer break and I was very impressed by his appearance. He looked stronger and much trimmer than I expected, most of us put on a few pounds during our holidays!

We arrived late at the yard on Saturday morning but still managed to see him work on the gallops. Afterwards, Frodo posed for photos with my daughter, which made her day. She also asked if she could ‘ride him around for a little bit’ – I said “Frodo was probably tired after his morning exercise, maybe next time.”

I’m optimistic that Whiskey Chaser will have a good season and I’m not the only one. Adam Norman wrote a very positive post on his blog Notes From The North. Ending the piece with… “don’t be fooled into thinking he has finished improving. Yet to race over 3m, he is quite an interesting project and if we get a wet winter he is the type to improve out of all recognition.” He’s hoping we’re both right – All we need is for the winter to come and bring lots and lots of lovely rain.