A Whiskey Down The Pub

The final run of the season for Frodo (Whiskey Chaser) saw him take part in a hurdle race at Hexham, and whilst finishing a credible forth, he never threaten the leaders, and tired towards the end of the race. It’s safe to that hurdling has not been his forte, but then again and no one ever expected it would be. His large size was always going to make it difficult for him to keep up with the more nimble natural hurdlers. Having said that he always seemed to enjoy these races and came out of them better for the experience.

It was around the time of the race that the renewal forms for the syndicate came out. I’m glad to report that all the syndicate members opted to renew for another year. I think we’re all hope that once Frodo starts steeplechasing we’ll see the best of him. Although progress with our horse has been slow and steady the new syndicate horses with Deva Racing have already racked up a fair few wins and places. Hopefully next season our boy will be in the winners circle with them.

No sooner had Frodo finished that last race, and he was packing his bags once again for this holidays. It’s probably fitting for a horse called whiskey chaser he’ll be spending most of this holiday down the pub! He’ll be munching on the grass behind a Cheshire pub with a few of his friends. Which is fantastic news for us owners, when the other half asks where you’ve been all afternoon, we can say – just checking on the horses darling *hiccup*!

Above you can see a snap I took of Frodo enjoying his break (horse on the far left)