Racehorse Owners Album

Owning a racehorse should be a great adventure for all those involved. The highs, the lows and hopefully a few memorable moments to treasure along the way. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cheering on your horse in the Aintree Grand National, or watching him battle away in a sodden ground on a wet Wednesday at Uttoxeter. The thrill for owners is the same, we all dream of our horses crossing the finishing post first.

If you’re lucky enough to own a horse who strings together a career of wins then you’ll want to keep a permanent record of his achievements. You could keep your horse’s racing post clippings and the official race card guide from each course he runs, maybe even a collection of the owners badges from the races you watch him run in. Of course you’ll probably have a nice collection of photos too.

These mementos will make a great archive but how do you keep them safe and present them in an attractive way? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a custom made album just for your horse?

Well, now you can. HorseRacingAlbums.co.uk is a website I came across the other day and it peaked my interest because I thought it was a terrific idea for owners. You can order a 120 page bespoke album/scrapbook with an embossed front cover featuring your horse’s racing silks and name. Albums can be ordered in a range of colours including Maroon, Brown, Red, Ivory, Sapphire and Black.

I really do hope that I’ll be ordering one soon for Frodo. However, with just one race under his belt so far it might be a little premature just yet.