Large Whiskey Chaser

This morning I made my first visit since December to watch Whiskey Chaser (Frodo) do some work on the gallops.

I’ve been hearing encouraging news from other syndicate members about his progress and reading the weekly updates on the website. Yet nothing prepared me for how well he looked and how he appear to be twice the horse he looked like only a few months ago – Maybe it was my imagination but he looked bigger. A very large Whiskey Chaser!

Mike from Deva Racing was on hand to guide us around the yard and give us a detailed update on Frodo. Considering how the poor weather has limited Frodo’s opportunity to train everyone is still pleased with his progress and feel that he’ll be in even stronger next year.

A debut race for spring is still in the picture but that seems less important than it did before Christmas, Frodo still has a sore back which thankfully doesn’t seem to bother him too much. Obviously it needs careful attention and the lads and lasses who look after Frodo are doing a fine job with that.

I will be popping back over to the yard again on Friday to wish Frodo a Happy Birthday – they grow up so quickly!