BHA Investigate Murphy Incident

The British Horse Racing Authority have been pretty busy it seems with all their investigations of late – and they have another one to add to their list. Those of you who watched the Newbury race on Friday with bated breath will know that it resulted in the well performing jockey Timmy Murphy getting a shoulder injury.

The injury was serious enough for Timmy Murphy to be taken to hospital to receive some X-ray’s halfway through the card. At that time nobody was particularly clear as to what the reason for his injury was but spectators saw that he was definitely in some pain when leaving the weighing room before he had to be aided into an ambulance vehicle which was enough to cause some concern.

The bet365 Open Handicap Chase saw Murphy end up fourth on Upsilon Bleu but he seemed alright after the race. It was later uncovered that the injury could have occurred during a heated altercation between himself and a fellow jockey. Verity, who is the wife of Timmy Murphy was quick to refute those claims stating that he had an issue with his should for quite some time that kept occurring. Commenting further she mentioned that he was in pain after the 2.40 – but was now feeling much better.

Nothing was reported to any of the staff on Newbury on Friday which has now aroused a little suspicion amongst the British Horse Racing Authority. It has been confirmed by them that they will be looking in to the incident which indeed could result in a full inquiry about what actually had caused this injury whether it be a simple shoulder issue or perhaps a heated argument.

Robin Mounsey who is a spokesman for the BHA commented: “Further information has come to light during the course of last night and this morning and we are going to hold an inquiry into the incident. If Timmy Murphy is available we will hold it after racing today, but that obviously depends on his schedule and if he is not here, we will schedule it for a later date.”

Of course that statement was made at the weekend and nothing else has been announced since so nobody is entirely sure of the outcome of any questions that may have been asked of him. His injury must be quite serious as his agent has confirmed that he wasn’t riding at Newbury on Our Father and that he isn’t entirely sure as to how long the jockey will require to take off. Everything seems to be very much up in the air with the whole situation – but lets hope it’s all as he said and that he will be able to return without any problems.