Alternate Form Guide

If you’re looking for an alternative and affordable form guide then do check out Along with detail stats & form you also get daily tips and the ability to make your own notes on all the runners you regularly follow.

Membership starts at just £50 per year and the form guides can even be downloaded in a PDF, which means you can print them out and use them at the racecourse. One of the most useful features of the site are the Tissue Prices, these allow you to bet for value on any race. A tissue price is a the likelihood of the horse’s chance of winning the race and if you can get odds that are the same or higher then this would symbolise a value bet.

Owners and racing fans can also produce your very own Racing Books with JadWizRacing. These horse souvenir books can be purchased for any race horse which has competed in the UK over the last 25 years and gives the reader a marvellous insight into their favourite horse.