Reverse Forecast Win

I normally have a few quid on the horses when I’m at the racecourse, recently I was attending an owners event at Bangor-On-Dee and I couldn’t decide which of the two horses I fancied in the first race to back. Both had good form and had previously run well over the course and distance, which the bookies odds reflected.

Then I had a rare flash of inspiration – back both of them! Of course, I could make two single bets for each horse to win. However, I’d be certain to lose at least one bet. I could back both horses each-way – but at short prices that doesn’t really make good sense. So what to do? Easy… the often overlooked ‘Reverse Forecast’ bet. The bet is pretty simple and you’ll be able to get it on at any bookies.

The bet is struck on these terms: you pick two horses and they must finish 1st and 2nd in any order, unlike a straight forecast where you must pick the correct order (very hard to do). Like an each way bet the ‘Reverse Forecast’ is actually two bets so a £10 reverse forecast will set you back £20. As you can see from the photo above my £10 RF paid out a respectable £116.50!

If you want to try a reverse forecast then stick to races that have a small number of runners with a couple of clear favourites – Don’t try it on the Grand National. Picking just one winner in that is hard enough.